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Pirates and Penguins

CD: Da Capo Alba & Mango - Pirates and Penguins

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This is the second CD to be released by the LGMA and features both our adult orchestra Da Capo Alba and youth orchestra Mango.

Track Listing
1. Palladio, Karl Jenkins
2. Music from 'The Godfather", Nino Rota (arr. Stefan Prophet)
3. Meridian, Richard Charlton
4. Ragtime (from Drei Bagatellen), Mirko Schrader
5. The Song of Japanese Autumn, Yasuo Kuwahara
6. Tetris/Troika, Traditional (arr. Barbara Pommerenke-Steel)
7. Martha's Park, Joe Bennett
8. Gotta Lotta Rosa, Joe Bennett
9. Catapulting Penguins, Barbara Pommerenke-Steel
10. Music from Pirates of the Caribbean: Fog Bound, Klaus Badett
11. Music from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Medalion Calls, Klaus Badett
12. Music from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl, Klaus Badett
13. Music from Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate, Klaus Badett
14. Symphony in F: Allegro, Karl Friedrich Schwindl
15. Symphony in F: Andante, Karl Friedrich Schwindl
16. Symphony in F: Presto, Karl Friedrich Schwindl
17. Three Thirty Three, Graeme Thomson
18. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Freddie Mercury

About Time

CD: Da Capo Alba - About Time

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This is the first ever CD to be released by a UK guitar and mandolin orchestra.

It's been a long time coming, but here it is - Da Capo Alba's debut recording. It has been a long labour of love for many of us in the orchestra, but the length of time has given us the advantage of including pieces that we have played over the years and which may not be in our current repertoire. In this sense, the recording is an accurate retrospective view of the ever changing membership and repertoire of Da Capo Alba. The title, although relevant to the time span of the project, also alludes to the importance of time and timing in music and demonstrates how long it takes to establish a group of musicians who can work together to produce an album of this quality.

Praise for About Time

"The CD arrived yesterday and I just finished listening to it--WONDERFUL! It's a GREAT mix of music written for mandolin orchestra and folk music. HIGHLY recommended! Wish I could hear you all live!"
Yvonne Wingard, mandocellist of the Dayton Mandolin Orchestra

Track Listing
1. Te Deum Prelude M.A. Charpentier (arr. Barbara Pommerenke-Steel)

2. Music for Play C. Mandonico

3. Bahia Sueno M. Müller (arr. Barbara Pommerenke-Steel)

4. A Rose Vermelha Traditional (arr. Y. Rivoal)

5. Cueca Traditional (arr. Y. Rivoal)

6. Planxty O'Carolan Traditional & T. O'Carolan (arr. B. Szordikowski)

a. Intro b. Lannigan's Ball (Trad) c.Planxty McGuire (T.O'Carolan) d. The Wind from the South (Trad) e. The Princess Royal (T.O'Carolan) f. Down by the Sally Gardens (Trad) g. The Irish Washerwoman (Trad)
7. The Ballad of Uri M. Hajidakis

8. Waltz of the Lost Dreams M. Hajidakis

9. ABBA Medley B. Anderson & B. Ulvaeus (arr. Calum Harbison)

a. One of us is Lonely b. Money, Money, Money c. S.O.S. d. Knowing Me, Knowing You e. Fernando


Pirates and Penguins About Time

Both CDs:
Da Capo Alba & Mango - Pirates and Penguins AND
Da Capo Alba - About Time

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