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Mango is the youth orchestra of the Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association. Since its formation in January 2005, Mango has grown in size and currently has about 20 members.

Resources for Mango members

The link below points to resources for players in Mango youth orchestra. Please note that all files are password protected and are only available to members of the orchestra.

All Mango resources

You will find a folder for each piece in our current repertoire, but please note that not all pieces are available in electronic form as they are played from hard copy only. If you require music for a piece which is not online, please speak to your Section Leader.

Orchestra Structure

Mango has seven sections, each of which sit in a certain place when playing:
Mango Seating Arrangement

M1 = Mandolin 1 Normally plays a higher pitched part and is often the fastest mandolin part.
M2 = Mandolin 2 This part is of a level between 1st and 3rd mandolin, and often is a part which adds a lot to the piece.
M3 = Mandolin 3 This is the easiest of the mandolin parts, however again this part is very important as it often adds extended harmony to the piece.
B   = Bass This is the only group with only one person. They play the lowest sounding part in the orchestra.
G1 = Guitar 1 This is the most challenging guitar part.
G2 = Guitar 2 Another guitar part, normally a bit easier than the 1st guitar part.
G3 = Guitar 3 This is an easier part than the other guitar parts, but still very important - it sometimes takes the lead in a piece by playing the melody.


Mango practises every Wednesday from 5pm to 6.30pm at the East Mains United Reformed Church, East Kilbride.

The Repertoire

The Orchestra plays a wide variety of music. Examples from our current programme include:

  • Rock & Pop Music

  • Joe Bennett - Gotta Lotta Rosa & Martha's Park
  • Green Day - Wake me up when September ends
  • Baroque and Renaissance Music

  • Paul Peuerl - Suite in C
  • Folk Tunes

  • Russian Folk Tunes - Tetris & Troika
  • Original Compositions

  • Richard Carlton - Meridian
  • Barbara Pommerenke-Steel - Catapuliting Penguins (Latin)
  • Barbara Pommerenke-Steel - The Ballad of Mrs Yetigoosecreature (Latin)

Concerts and Performances

Mango has played several well received concerts in East Kilbride. The orchestra has performed at the LGMA youth concert, as part of a Da Capo Alba concert, and in February 2008, Mango performed its first own concert.

In March 2008, the orchestra participated in the British BMG (Banjo Mandolin and Guitar) Federation biennial rally and competitions. Mango stunned judges and won the Youth Orchestra Trophy for the second time.

In August 2006, the LGMA ran its first Orchestra Preparation Course, to prepare a group of potential members to join the orchestra. It is hoped that courses like this will run when we have a large intake of new potential members.

Social Events

Mango has a social committee (of orchestra members) which decides on fun activities for Mango members to do, such as going bowling or having weekends away.

From 25 - 27th April 2008, the orchestra went on a residential weekend to Whithaugh Park outdoor centre in the Borders. The weekend included physical, craft and mental activities as well as some orchestra rehearsal time.

Join us - Requirements

Would you like to join? Playing in an orchestra will develop a lot of skills for your playing. Your music reading will improve, and also your ability to play with others.

We invite young players who can play guitar or mandolin and can read music. You should be able to play at least at a standard equal to Grade 1.


If you are interested to join or would like to find out more please contact Barbara Pommerenke-Steel, the musical director at:

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